The market leader, Electrolux, adopted online training as a part of its retail dealers’ product and sales training. We created an e-learning portal and massive amount of e-learning content modules for Electrolux. I was personally responsible for art direction, visual design, user interface design and interaction design. Huge thanks for the client and everyone involved.

We created a 3D user interface for the portal. The users navigate to the e-learning contents through rooms of the portal.

This is the Laundry.

This is the Lecture Hall.

“Teemu is first and foremost an outstanding graphic designer, with whom I had a great privilege to work with while designing, planning and executing a new comprehensive eLearning portal for Electrolux. Teemu has a strong vision and he’s not shy presenting his ideas, but it’s also very rewarding to have a profound and professional debate with him on the direction where the project is heading and which design elements should be implicated and why. I was truly impressed by Teemu’s vast knowledge and understanding of various digital design related issues.

I also appreciate Teemu’s immensely humane approach on various topics and thus communication with Teemu is such a joy. He is not just a guy on the other end of the line, but communicating with him put always a big smile on my face. It felt like we genuinely had accomplished something unique together.

I can only sincerely recommend Teemu for any role, where he’s allowed to demonstrate his exceptional skills on various digital graphic design tasks. Teemu is a true multi-talent professional and great human being!”

Jussi Kytösaho, KAM, Digital Communication, Electrolux